Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Good Solid Rogue PvP Strategy

imageThere is no question that the Rogue can be one of the most fun classes to play in World of Warcraft, especially in PvP.  Fighting against different players in the Battlefields is truly the one place that playing a Rogue generates you a distinct advantage. Each player is going to develop his personal Rogue PvP strategy over time, but a few unique tips can help you to master the BGs or the Arena on your Rogue rather of surviving by sheer luck.

One of the biggest troubles I have seen with many Rogues in PvP is that for some reason they appear to believe that they are tanks. You see them all the time rushing into a battle like a warrior only to get wasted in seconds. This kind of Rogue PvP strategy just doesn't make any sense; as one of the least armored classes why would anyone want to do that. As a Rogue you have one advantage that no other class has; stealth. Not only can you stand still and not be seen; you can sneak up behind your enemy.

This is your greatest strength and one that you should use to your advantage whenever you are involved in PvP combat. Keep in mind that even though you are stealthier, there are those who see your tactics and can still find you. Be aware of this and keep your eyes peeled so that you see them first. This will always give you the vantage and allow you to stun your opponent and get the first strike advantage.

Herein lies another situation that far too numerous Rogues fail to drive their class advantages home and score their honorable kills. The Rogue has Sap and Kick, both of which are designed to stun an adversary ending them in their tracks, this means no spell casting, no melee attacks and even more importantly, no bandaging or healing of any kind including using potions. rather of hitting your adversary until they are low on health that and then giving them a opportunity to heal, keep kicking them.

This takes away any opportunity they have to heal and generates your Rogue the opening he needs to finish the job in style and comfort. The best Rogue PvP strategy is utilizing a strong offensive to keep your adversary off guard giving you the opportunity to take them down at your personal pace and score the victory rather of getting yourself killed. 

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