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A Good Solid Rogue PvP Strategy

imageThere is no question that the Rogue can be one of the most fun classes to play in World of Warcraft, especially in PvP.  Fighting against different players in the Battlefields is truly the one place that playing a Rogue generates you a distinct advantage. Each player is going to develop his personal Rogue PvP strategy over time, but a few unique tips can help you to master the BGs or the Arena on your Rogue rather of surviving by sheer luck.

One of the biggest troubles I have seen with many Rogues in PvP is that for some reason they appear to believe that they are tanks. You see them all the time rushing into a battle like a warrior only to get wasted in seconds. This kind of Rogue PvP strategy just doesn't make any sense; as one of the least armored classes why would anyone want to do that. As a Rogue you have one advantage that no other class has; stealth. Not only can you stand still and not be seen; you can sneak up behind your enemy.

This is your greatest strength and one that you should use to your advantage whenever you are involved in PvP combat. Keep in mind that even though you are stealthier, there are those who see your tactics and can still find you. Be aware of this and keep your eyes peeled so that you see them first. This will always give you the vantage and allow you to stun your opponent and get the first strike advantage.

Herein lies another situation that far too numerous Rogues fail to drive their class advantages home and score their honorable kills. The Rogue has Sap and Kick, both of which are designed to stun an adversary ending them in their tracks, this means no spell casting, no melee attacks and even more importantly, no bandaging or healing of any kind including using potions. rather of hitting your adversary until they are low on health that and then giving them a opportunity to heal, keep kicking them.

This takes away any opportunity they have to heal and generates your Rogue the opening he needs to finish the job in style and comfort. The best Rogue PvP strategy is utilizing a strong offensive to keep your adversary off guard giving you the opportunity to take them down at your personal pace and score the victory rather of getting yourself killed. 

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A Few Tips for Hunter PvP Strategy


If you want to be a thriving Hunter in a PvP environment, you need to behave in much the same  way as a real hunter would in the real world. You have to be able to identify your targets,  understand how it is likely to behave, and anticipate what your target is likely to do. At the  same time you have to know your own capabilities, be cozy with using them and have the  right gear to protect you from taking too much damage.

Knowing all of this, you need to be able of moving yourself into a good enough position to  take on your target and eliminate it without ending up as a prey yourself. This sounds just  like any other role that the Hunter is likely to take on including any type of PvE combat. You  are equipped with traps and nowhere is that more important than in the PvP arena, including  battlegrounds. By using your traps as crowd control you can put enough distance between you and  your enemy to use your DPS abilities to do as much damage as possible.

Your best Hunter PvP strategy is to study the PvP strategy of the other classes and the tactics  needed to kill them. This will allow you to stay one step ahead of them, which can be very  important as they are trying to kill you at the same time. If you want to develop a good PvP  strategy, the best way to do so is spend as much time as you can in the battlegrounds and the  Arenas. You are going to spend a lot of time dying as you learn, but over time you will find  that you will learn the tactics of all the other toons.

One thing you need to make sure of is that you have the best gear you can get and upgrade every  chance you get. Getting your PvP gear has never been easy and in between seasons it is even  harder. The one last tip is to choose your pet carefully; there are no wrong or right pets.  Choose the one that suits your style of play and make good use of it. This does not mean letting  it run loose. Rather, use your pet to protect yourself and add damage when you are under attack.  If used properly, your pet can hold the aggro while you gain a little range and finish the enemy  off.

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A Few Changes to Hunters in Cataclysm


There has been a great deal of change made to all of the different classes with the coming of Cataclysm. Hunters are seeing more than their fair share of them including 3 new abilities that are intended to make them a lot more effective in any situation. Hunters have always gotten the short end of the stick and unless the powers that be nerf what they have done, they may become a very viable part of any raid or in the PvP run you get involved in.

First the new abilities, starting with Cobra Shot that you get at level 81.This shot causes Nature damage instead of pure Physical damage and when merged with the talents in the Beast Mastery tree could easily become the go to shot in any situation, especially when going up against heavily armored targets. It will share a cool down with steady shot.

At level 83 Hunters will get Trap Launcher, this will allow you to shoot any one of your traps up to 40 yards away in a similar fashion to the Freezing Arrow Trap which will be removed. Finally at level 85, Hunters will be given Camo, which effectively hides them and stops them from taking any ranged damage.

These are the new abilities, but only a small part of a much bigger picture. Now instead of using mana, Hunters have Focus which builds up like Rage instead of running out with use. In order to use abilities such as Steady or Cobra Shot, Aimed Shot and many more you will need to have enough focus built up. This totally changes the dynamics of running a Hunter and will take some getting used to.

Every Hunter has had to carry his ammo with him no matter where he goes, at first they had to carry a quiver or an ammo pouch. This was followed by taking these away and letting the Hunter carry his ammo in a regular bag. It meant being able to carry far more ammunition than ever before. In Cataclysm Hunters will no longer need any type of ammo as all bows, crossbows and guns will do damage without them.

All Hunters will start with a level one pet and will now be able to carry up to three pets with them at all times. While they have three pets that you can switch out any time, they can still only have one pet out at a time as long as they are not actively involved in combat. Should a Hunter wish to switch out any of the pets he is carrying, he will still have to visit a Stable Master. These are just a few things that have been made to assist the Hunter regain much of they lost in WotLK.

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